Titled League players

The following 117 LCL players are titled and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Title
RM Peter JE AckleyrGreater LondonECF Regional Master en.png
GM Michael AdamsrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Daniel Almeida ToledanorHackneyFIDE Master en.png
IM Simon T AnsellrHackney 1International Master en.png
GM Keith C ArkellrDrunken KnightsInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Chris W BakerrHackneyInternational Master en.png
IM Richard A BatesrHackney 1International Master en.png
GM Juan M Bellon LopezrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM David BerczesrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Stephen H BerryrWimbledon 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Daniel L BisbyrDrunken Knights 2FIDE Master en.png
FM Richard BlackrDrunken KnightsFIDE Master en.png
CM Chris BriscoerMushroomsCandidate Master en.png
IM Graeme N BuckleyrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
IM Simon BuckleyrWimbledonInternational Master en.png
FM Guillaume CamusrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Terry PD ChapmanrCavendish 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Alexander CherniaevrHackney 1International Grandmaster en.png
WIM Sabrina L ChevannesrWood GreenWoman International Master en.png
CM David J ColemanrIlfordCandidate Master en.png
GM Aleksandar ColovicrAthenaeum 1International Grandmaster en.png
GM Stuart C ConquestrDrunken KnightsInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM John J CoxrCavendish 1International Master en.png
GM Pia CramlingrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Edward J DearingrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
FM Chris R DuncanrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Jerzy DybowskirIlfordFIDE Master en.png
FM Robert S EamesrHackney 1FIDE Master en.png
GM John M EmmsrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Mark FergusonrCavendish 1International Master en.png
IM Daniel FernandezrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
GM Tamas FodorrIlfordInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Robert FontainerKings Head 1International Grandmaster en.png
FM Samuel GA FranklinrDulwichFIDE Master en.png
FM David FriedgoodrCavendish 1FIDE Master en.png
CM Jon S FriedlandrWood GreenCandidate Master en.png
ICM Clive A FrostickrDrunken KnightsICCF Senior IM en.png
FM Chris J GantrAthenaeum 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Stephen J GordonrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Daniel W GormallyrDrunken KnightsInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Andrew GreetrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM Ryan Rhys GriffithsrImperial CollegeFIDE Master en.png
IM Vladimir HamitevicirDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
FM Alan E HanreckrBeckenham & CharltonFIDE Master en.png
GM Jonathan HawkinsrHendonInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM David L HaydonrWood GreenFIDE Master en.png
GM Julian M HodgsonrHackneyInternational Grandmaster en.png
WGM Jovanka HouskarWood GreenWoman Grandmaster en.png
GM David HowellrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Adam C HuntrWoodbridgeInternational Master en.png
GM Gawain CB JonesrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Gary KenworthyrCavendishFIDE Master en.png
FM Callum KilpatrickrDulwichFIDE Master en.png
CM Feliks J KwiatkowskirKings Head 1Candidate Master en.png
GM Bogdan LalicrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Susan K LalicrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM Dave J LedgerrHackney 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Mark LyellrHackney 1FIDE Master en.png
IM Karl CC MahrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
WIM Sue MaroroarDrunken Knights 2Woman International Master en.png
IM Andrew D MartinrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
IM Petr MarusenkorHackneyInternational Master en.png
GM Neil R McDonaldrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Luke J McShanerWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Gyula MeszarosrIlfordInternational Master en.png
IM Sophie MillietrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
IM Philip J MorrisrBeckenham & CharltonInternational Master en.png
FM David M MoskovicrDrunken Knights 2FIDE Master en.png
IM Richard JD PalliserrIlfordInternational Master en.png
GM Jonathan F ParkerrCavendish 1International Grandmaster en.png
IM Malcolm PeinrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
GM Nicholas PertrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Richard G PertrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM John C PigottrKings Head 1FIDE Master en.png
IM Gabor PinterrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
IM Gary QuillanrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
IM Bernd RechelrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
WIM Natasha K ReganrCavendish 1Woman International Master en.png
IM Thomas E RendlerDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
CM Stewart ReubenrCavendish 2Candidate Master en.png
CM Mark C RichrDrunken Knights 2Candidate Master en.png
FM John R RichardsonrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Peter RobersonrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Jonathan W RogersrIlfordFIDE Master en.png
GM Jonathan W RowsonrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Ben DM SavagerDrunken Knights 2FIDE Master en.png
IM Alexei SlavinrRichmond & TwickenhamInternational Master en.png
FM Andrew P SmithrKings HeadFIDE Master en.png
FM Peter J SowrayrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Jon S SpeelmanrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Jaap SpreeuwrAthenaeumFIDE Master en.png
FM Anthony J StebbingsrBeckenham & CharltonFIDE Master en.png
WIM Fiona Steil-AntonirDrunken KnightsWoman International Master en.png
FM Charles H StoreyrMushroomsFIDE Master en.png
FM Alberto Suarez RealrWimbledon 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Aaron P SummerscalerHackneyInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Krisztian SzaborWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Ian D ThompsonrAthenaeum 1FIDE Master en.png
IM Bjorn TillerrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM Venkataramanan TS TiruchirapallirStreatham & Brixton 1FIDE Master en.png
IM Mohamed TissirrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
WIM Zehra TopelrDrunken KnightsWoman International Master en.png
IM Lawrence TrentrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM Rafal TymrakiewiczrWimbledonFIDE Master en.png
GM Jahongir VakhidovrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Peter J VasrCavendishFIDE Master en.png
IM Gavin WallrRichmond & TwickenhamInternational Master en.png
IM John Paul WallacerAthenaeum 1International Master en.png
GM Chris G WardrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM William N WatsonrCavendish 1International Grandmaster en.png
FM Julian M WayrWimbledon 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Michael JR WhiterDrunken KnightsFIDE Master en.png
IM Andrew J WhiteleydeceasedrKings HeadInternational Master en.png
GM Simon K WilliamsrDrunken Knights 1International Grandmaster en.png
WFM Alexandra WilsonrDrunken KnightsWoman FIDE Master en.png
CM Jochen WittmannrKings Head 2Candidate Master en.png
IM Yang-Fan ZhourWimbledonInternational Master en.png