Titled League players

The following 85 LCL players are titled and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Title
RM Peter JE AckleyrDrunken KnightsECF Regional Master en.png
IM Simon T AnsellrHackney 1International Master en.png
GM Keith CC ArkellrDrunken KnightsInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Chris W BakerrHackneyInternational Master en.png
IM Richard A BatesrHackney 1International Master en.png
GM Juan M Bellon LopezrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM David BerczesrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Stephen H BerryrWimbledon 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Daniel L BisbyrDrunken Knights 2FIDE Master en.png
CM Chris BriscoerMushrooms 1Candidate Master en.png
IM Graeme N BuckleyrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
GM Alexander CherniaevrHackney 1International Grandmaster en.png
WFM Sabrina L ChevannesrWood GreenWoman FIDE Master en.png
CM David J ColemanrIlfordCandidate Master en.png
GM Stuart C ConquestrDrunken Knights 1International Grandmaster en.png
IM John J CoxrCavendish 1International Master en.png
GM Pia CramlingrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Colin S CrouchrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
IM Edward J DearingrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
FM Chris R DuncanrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Robert S EamesrHackney 1FIDE Master en.png
GM John M EmmsrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Mark FergusonrCavendish 1International Master en.png
CM Jon S FriedlandrWood GreenCandidate Master en.png
ICM Clive A FrostickrDrunken Knights 2ICCF Senior IM en.png
GM Stephen J GordonrDrunken KnightsInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Daniel W GormallyrDrunken KnightsInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Vladimir HamitevicirDrunken KnightsInternational Master en.png
FM Alan E HanreckrBeckenham & CharltonFIDE Master en.png
FM David L HaydonrWood GreenFIDE Master en.png
WGM Jovanka HouskarWood GreenWoman Grandmaster en.png
IM Adam C HuntrWoodbridgeInternational Master en.png
GM Gawain CB JonesrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Gary KenworthyrCavendishFIDE Master en.png
CM Feliks J KwiatkowskirKings Head 1Candidate Master en.png
GM Bogdan LalicrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Susan K LalicrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM Dave J LedgerrHackney 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Mark LyellrHackneyFIDE Master en.png
IM Karl CC MahrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
IM Andrew D MartinrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
IM Petr MarusenkorHackneyInternational Master en.png
GM Neil R McDonaldrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Luke J McShanerWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Philip J MorrisrBeckenham & CharltonInternational Master en.png
FM David M MoskovicrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Jonathan F ParkerrCavendish 1International Grandmaster en.png
IM Malcolm PeinrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
GM Nicholas PertrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Richard G PertrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
IM Gabor PinterrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
IM Gary QuillanrDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
IM Bernd RechelrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
WIM Natasha K ReganrCavendish 1Woman International Master en.png
IM Thomas E RendlerDrunken Knights 1International Master en.png
CM Stewart ReubenrCavendish 1Candidate Master en.png
CM Mark C RichrDrunken KnightsCandidate Master en.png
FM John R RichardsonrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
FM Jonathan W RogersrIlfordFIDE Master en.png
GM Jonathan W RowsonrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Ben DM SavagerDrunken Knights 2FIDE Master en.png
IM Alexei SlavinrRichmond & TwickenhamInternational Master en.png
FM Andrew P SmithrKings HeadFIDE Master en.png
FM Peter J SowrayrDrunken Knights 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Jon S SpeelmanrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Jaap SpreeuwrAthenaeum 1FIDE Master en.png
WIM Fiona Steil-AntonirDrunken KnightsWoman International Master en.png
FM Alberto Suarez RealrWimbledon 1FIDE Master en.png
GM Aaron P SummerscalerHackneyInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Krisztian SzaborWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
IM Bjorn TillerrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
FM Venkataramanan TS TiruchirapallirStreatham & Brixton 1FIDE Master en.png
IM Mohamed TissirrWood GreenInternational Master en.png
IM Lawrence TrentrIlfordInternational Master en.png
FM Rafal TymrakiewiczrWimbledonFIDE Master en.png
FM Peter J VasrHackney 1FIDE Master en.png
IM Gavin WallrRichmond & TwickenhamInternational Master en.png
GM Chris G WardrWood GreenInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM William N WatsonrCavendish 1International Grandmaster en.png
FM Michael JR WhiterDrunken Knights 2FIDE Master en.png
IM Andrew J WhiteleyrKings Head 1International Master en.png
GM Simon K WilliamsrDrunken Knights 1International Grandmaster en.png
WFM Alexandra WilsonrDrunken KnightsWoman FIDE Master en.png
CM Jochen WittmannrKings Head 1Candidate Master en.png
IM Yang-Fan ZhourWimbledonInternational Master en.png