Past Wimbledon 1 team League players

The following 85 LCL players for Wimbledon have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Wimbledon 1 team in the :

PlayerClubRatingsGames during season
Paul R ArcherWimbledons?r?
Christopher BonerWimbledons?r?
William BroomedeceasedWimbledons?r?
IM Simon BuckleyWimbledons?r?
David CachetWimbledons?r?
Chris RA CleggdeceasedWimbledons?r?
Nick KeenerWimbledons?r?
Gregory OpenshawrWimbledons?r?
Ronald G RushadeceasedWimbledons?r?
Michael ThompsonrWimbledons?r?