Player information: Ian Granville (2012 - 2013 season)

Listed below are details for Ian Granville who has yet to play in a match during the 2021 - 22 season:

Personal information
Club Greater London
ECF rating code 165018L
ECF membership code
Standard-play rating 1488, *
Rapid-play rating Not yet available
National Federation en.png
LCL first registered 01-09-2011
LCL registration status Yes
2015 - 16 season 5 matches
2013 - 14 season 2 matches
2012 - 13 season 10 matches
2011 - 12 season 3 matches
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2012 - 2013 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
23-10-2012 Greater London MB vs Hackney MB Division Minor Online SP Lee Bullock s1581A one loss
12-02-2013 Greater London MB vs Hammersmith MB Division Minor Online SP Ken M Hedger s?? one win
19-02-2013 Greater London MB vs Hackney MB Division Minor Online SP Declan Kilcline es1810C one loss
09-04-2013 Greater London 1 vs Beckenham & Charlton 1 Division Two Online SP John H Lewin s1867C seven loss
16-04-2013 Greater London 2 vs Wanstead & Woodford 2 Division Four Online SP Michael J Warden s?? six loss
30-04-2013 Greater London MB vs Metropolitan MA Division Minor Online SP Jeremy Law es1968C one loss
14-05-2013 Greater London MA vs Battersea MA Division Major Online SP Howard Groves es1833E one loss
28-05-2013 Greater London 2 vs West London 1 Division Four Online SP Deneys Kottler s1473* eight win
Performance summary for 2012 - 2013 season
Number of standard-play games: 8
Standard-play performance:  +2  =0  -6  = 25%  (with all games completed)