Past Greater London MI team League players

The following 151 LCL players for Greater London have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Greater London MI team in the :

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PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)GradingsGames during season
Mohammed Al HusarirGreater Londons?r?
Robert AndersonrGreater Londons?r?
Harry BishoprGreater Londons?r?
Alan BradleyrGreater Londons?r?
Anurag S ChauhanrGreater Londons?r?
Felix CheshirerGreater Londons?r?
Robbie ColemanrGreater Londons?r167, D
Ruy D'OreyrGreater Londons?r?
Kishore EdpugantirGreater Londons?r?
Dimitar GeorgievrGreater Londons?r?
Rumen GeorgievrGreater Londons?r?
John M GortonrGreater Londons?r?
Florentin G GoyensrGreater Londons?r?
Matthew HayesrGreater Londons?r?
Ken W HuddartrGreater Londons?r?
David HughesrGreater Londons?r?
Zayd HussEini-EyrErGreater Londons?r?
Ernest IgnatovicrGreater Londons?r165, B
Krzysztof KapiciakrGreater Londons?r?
Masrura KhakimovarGreater Londons?r?
Christopher MacDonaldrGreater Londons?r?
Nahuel MarisirGreater Londons?r?
Michael P MolloyrGreater Londons?r?
Michael MurrayrGreater Londons?r?
Jeno NagyrGreater Londons?r?
Alexis NortierrGreater Londons?r?
Stuart ParkrGreater Londons?r?
Kamran PierrerGreater Londons?r?
Vigyan RatnoorGreater Londons?r?
John Colin SharprGreater Londons?r?
Vladimir ShmarovrGreater Londons?r?
Elisabeta SlaverGreater Londons?r?
Han liang TanrGreater Londons?r?
Kevin TrouilleuxrGreater Londons?r?
Lennert VoogtrGreater Londons?r?
Philip ZammitrGreater Londons?r?
Youyou ZhangrGreater Londons?r?