Active Imperial College 1st team League players

The following LCL players for Imperial College have played in at least one match during the 2019 - 20 season:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Games during season
Matthew AcevskirImperial College1
Wasim AhmedrImperial College3
Juan Manuel ArteagarImperial College6
Sourav BhattacharjeerImperial College6
Desmond Chanr Imperial College1 £2.5
Rory ClaytonrImperial College2
Codrin CotarlanrImperial College1
Paul DarganrImperial College1
Jonas EschmannrImperial College2
Antonios GeorgantasrImperial College6
Yoyel Kangr Imperial College1 £2.5
Shahbaz Khanr Imperial College1 £2.5
Nikolaos KoukoulekidisrImperial College1
Ioannis LentzosrImperial College1
Elliott CM MacNeilrImperial College9
Simone MazzoccolirImperial College2
Xin NierImperial College1
Kene NwegburImperial College3
Andres Perez FadonrImperial College3
Imran RahmanrImperial College8
Liam ReedrImperial College3
Aluna RizzolirImperial College3
Francesco SalernorImperial College6
Zachary Slingsby-Smithr Imperial College2 £5
Adam A TaylorrImperial College5
Aron TehrImperial College1
Stelios TheocharousrImperial College3
Ashwin Venkatakrishnanr Imperial College1 £2.5
Jonny Vincentr Imperial College3 £7.5
Tony WangrImperial College3
Li Tian YeohrImperial College6