Player information: Dee Fault (2019 - 2020 season)

Listed below are details for the fictional and unwelcome player, Dee Fault who, has made an appearance in 19 match(es) during the 2019 - 2020 season:

Mr Dee Fault "plays" whenever a player fails to arrive and advance warning was NOT provided
Mr. For Feit "plays" whenever a player fails to arrive and advance warning WAS provided
Mr. Walk Over "plays" as the opponent of any player who fails to arrive
Mr. A Void "plays" whenever a player who is not eligible to do plays
Mr. AN Other "plays" whenever a player has not been registered for the club.

Personal information
Club Not assigned
  •  Dee Fault  Dee Fault
    Dee Fault, Not assigned
Standard-play grading Not yet available
Rapid-play grading Not yet available
National Federation en.png
LCL first registered 01-09-2011
LCL registration status Yes
All season(s) summary
season match(es)
2019 - 20 season 19 matches
2018 - 19 season 71 matches
2017 - 18 season 60 matches
2016 - 17 season 75 matches
2015 - 16 season 60 matches
2014 - 15 season 69 matches
2013 - 14 season 70 matches
2012 - 13 season 67 matches
2011 - 12 season 80 matches
2019 - 2020 season performance statistics
Date Match Division / Competition TC Category Opponent Board Result
30-09-2019 Albany 1 vs Lewisham 2 division Three standard-play Christopher J Todd s169A three loss
02-10-2019 Smartacus MA vs East Ham MA division Major standard-play Walk Over one loss
09-10-2019 Smartacus MA vs Kings Head MA division Major standard-play Walk Over one loss
14-10-2019 Athenaeum 3 vs Hammersmith 3 division Four standard-play Walk Over five loss
16-10-2019 Newham 1 vs University College London 1 division Three standard-play Ihsaan Azis s76E nine loss Karam Balaggan es60? ten loss
17-10-2019 Cavendish MA vs Morley College 1 division Major standard-play Martin Green s87C three loss
23-10-2019 Kings Head 3 vs Battersea 3 division Four standard-play Alistair T Morton s123B one loss
24-10-2019 Imperial College 1 vs Battersea 1 division One standard-play Andres Perez Fadon s134C nine loss
30-10-2019 Newham 1 vs Hackney 3 division Three standard-play Salim Kriman s171B two loss
06-11-2019 Wanstead & Woodford MI vs Hammersmith HEDGER division Minor standard-play Nigel White s100A three loss
07-11-2019 Cavendish MA vs Smartacus MA division Major standard-play Walk Over one loss
11-11-2019 Athenaeum MI vs Greater London MI division Minor standard-play Martin Scott s97B four loss
13-11-2019 British Bangla Chess Association MI vs Hackney 6 division Minor standard-play Dorbesh Choudhury s124D one loss
20-11-2019 Athenaeum 1 vs Imperial College 1 division One standard-play Liam Reed es130? eight loss
20-11-2019 Mushrooms 1 vs Wimbledon 1 division One standard-play Nick Faulks s169A ten loss
26-11-2019 Battersea DOGS vs Morley College 1 division Major standard-play Timothy Valentine s135A two loss
26-11-2019 Greater London 2 vs Metropolitan 4 division Four standard-play Walk Over seven loss
27-11-2019 Dulwich 1 vs Ilford 1 division Two standard-play Malcolm Gesthuysen s139B nine loss Jeffrey Page s128B ten loss
10-12-2019 Imperial College 1 vs Kings Head 1 division One standard-play Elliott CM MacNeil s156A six loss Imran Rahman s137D nine loss Rory Clayton es100? ten loss
Performance summary for 2019 - 2020 season
Number of standard-play games: 19