Click here to visit the London Chess League The Brian Smith Trophy: Hammersmith 1 vs Wood Green 1

Date: 26-02-2020, Division: One, Trophy: The Brian Smith Trophy
Grading limit: Open, (standardplay), Colours: determined by toss
Match type : Over The Board (OTB),

Rounds: 1
, Handicap: No
Adjournment possible: Yes
, Adjudication possible: No
Board Home player Result Away player Grading
difference (Δ)
oneFM Peter Roberson s242B FMPeter Roberson had the black pieces1/2-1/2GM David Howell s271A GMDavid Howell had the white pieces-29
twoIM Thomas E Rendle s227B IM Thomas E Rendle had the white pieces1/2-1/2GM Luke J McShane s271B GM Luke J McShane had the black pieces-44
three Mark Kvetny s230E Mark Kvetny had the black pieces1-0GM Tamas Fodor s241C GMTamas Fodor had the white pieces-11
four Thomas B Bonn s199A Thomas B Bonn had the white pieces0-1GM Nicholas Pert s254A GMNicholas Pert had the black pieces-55
five Chris Skulte s192B Chris Skulte had the black pieces0-1GM Jon S Speelman s245C GM Jon S Speelman had the white pieces-53
six Marios Kouis s198C Marios Kouis had the white pieces0-1IM Richard G Pert s242A IMRichard G Pert had the black pieces-44
seven Christof Brixel s185A Christof Brixel had the black pieces1/2-1/2GM John M Emms s240C GMJohn M Emms had the white pieces-55
eight Adam Cranston s144B Adam Cranston had the white pieces0-1FM David L Haydon s227D FMDavid L Haydon had the black pieces-83
nine Edward Goldman s140B Edward Goldman had the black pieces0-1GM Chris G Ward s226C GMChris G Ward had the white pieces-86
ten Andrew Macleod s123A Andrew Macleod had the white pieces0-1GM Alexander Cherniaev s239A GM Alexander Cherniaev had the black pieces-116
Mean grading Home team: 188   Away team: 245.6 Δ = -57.6
Notes Many thanks to Adan and his colleagues for an excellent match. We met actor John Cleese last week who said that WG should give Hammersmith a Hammering. Not sure we did that as you defeated WG on top 3 bds. Best wishes to you all. Congratulations to WG on their richly deserved victory. We met Warren Buffett last week. He offered to bankroll us vs.WG, but only on condition we fielded a team of Norwegian Blues.😀
match result: 2.5 — 7.5
with no games adjourned
Grading fees due from home team: £2.5 No grading fees due from away team
Submitted by: Brian Smith at: 10:36:14 on: 27-02-2020
Confirmed by: Jim Stevenson at: 10:10:23 on: 28-02-2020
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